Yokogawa AQ6370D Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600 - 1700 nm

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Rent Yokogawa AQ6370D Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600 - 1700 nm
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Yokogawa AQ6370D
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AQ6370D Datasheet
The AQ6370D is the latest iteration of the most popular Telecom class OSA from Yokogawa. It offers a versatile wavelength range of 600 nm to 1700 nm ideally suited for both Telecommunications and general purpose applications. The unique free space input design allows testing of both DWDM class singlemode and VCSEL sourced multi-mode fibers in one single model. Its flexibility in parameters’ setting and its unmatched performance make the AQ6370D model the best choice for R&D and Production of optical communication devices. Newly added functions include data logging, gate sampling,resolution calibration, an advanced marker function and an enhanced auto-sweep mode.
Yokogawa AQ6370D Features
  • Wavelength range: 600 to 1700nm
  • High wavelength accuracy: ±0.01nm
  • High wavelength resolution: 0.02nm
  • Wide dynamic range: 78dB typ.
  • Wide level range: +20 to -90dBm
  • Fast measurement: 0.2 sec. (100nm span)
  • Applicable to single-mode and multimode fibers
Yokogawa AQ6370D Specs
Wavelength range Standard (-12) High performance (-22)
1520 to 1580 nm ±0.02 nm ±0.01 nm
1580 to 1620 nm ±0.02 nm ±0.02 nm
1450 to 1520 nm ±0.04 nm ±0.04 nm
Full wavelength range ±0.1 nm ±0.1 nm
Yokogawa AQ6370D Accessories
  • Emission spectrum evaluation of optical transceivers and LD modules
  • OSNR measurement of WDM transmission signals
  • Optical amplifier (EDFA) measurement