Keysight J4630A VQT Undercradle

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HP/Agilent J4630A VQT Undercradle for the Agilent Advisor networks
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Keysight J4630A
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The VQT Undercradle is a voice quality analyzer that provides objective, quantitative metrics and analysis of end user voice quality parameters for hybrid PSTN/packet switched networks, using analog telephony interfaces. The VQT Undercradle combines voice quality testing with protocol and performance analysis of data networks. The VQT Undercradle attaches to the Keysight Advisor to perform End-to-end measurements for clarity, delay, echo, DTMF twist and attenuation, and VAD analysis through FXO and E&M interfaces. Provides detailed measurement and analysis capabilities for the key metrics of voice quality: clarity, delay and echo.
Keysight J4630A Features
  • Develop voice systems such as voice gateways of PBXs
  • Validate voice quality in QA and system integration
  • Integrate voice gateways into IP, ATM or frame relay networks
  • Install voice systems in public or enterprise networks or customer sites
  • Troubleshoot voice networks in the field
  • Operate and maintain networks