Konica Minolta CR-410 Colorimeter

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The Konica Minolta CR-410 Colorimeter supersedes the internationally recognized and acclaimed series CR-100, CR-200 and CR-300. It offers a huge number of added value features and improved versatility, while fully maintaining all optical properties and therefore, guaranties full data compatibility with the previous series. The Minolta CR-410 Chroma Meter is suitable for measuring reflected color and color difference in a wide range of industrial fields. It is able to meet the needs of various applications, from all sorts of ingredients, foods, raw materials and finished products to pharmaceuticals and dermatological applications - the CR-410 handles all!

If your samples are structured or uneven in surface, such as granulates, fabrics, wood, stones, bricks, then the CR-410 is the right choice. Its unique very large aperture of 50 mm is perfectly suited for such samples and thus avoids averaging of several measurements.