Marconi 2022C Signal Generator, 10 kHz - 1 GHz

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Marconi 2022C Signal Generator, 10 kHz - 1 GHz
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Marconi 2022C
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Manual 2022C Datasheet
The 2022C Signal Generator is a compact, lightweight unit offering frequency, phase and amplitude modulation over the frequency range 10 kHz to 1 GHz. Output levels up to + 13 dBm are offered on the 2022C. The unit is designed for a wide range of applications in research development, production and maintenance. Microprocessor control provides simple and rapid operation by direct keyboard entry of settings and the non-volatile memory, which can store up to one hundred settings, further reduces measurement time. Full GPIB programmability adds greater flexibility and faster throughput in systems applications.
Marconi 2022C Features
  • Wide frequency cover
  • Small, light and rugged for portability
  • Non-volatile memory with 100 settings
  • Powerful second functions for rapid fault finding and calibration
  • Comprehensive amplitude, frequency and phase modulation
  • Simple operation
  • Reverse power protection up to 50 W
  • Choice of output calibration units
  • Optional GPIB programmability
Marconi 2022C Specs
Frequency Range 10 kHz to 1 GHz
Displayed Resolution 10 Hz up to 100 MHz, 100 Hz above 100 MHz
Frequency Response ±0 - 5 dB
Modulation Oscillator Frequency 1 kHz
Distortion >1% total harmonic
Internal Frequency Standard 10 MHz
RF Output Level -127 to +12 dBm
Output Level Accuracy ±1 dB for output levels above -10 dBm
±2 dB for output levels below -10 dBm
Impedance 50 Watts
Frequency Modulation Range 0 to 99.9 kHz
Frequency Response ±1 dB
Phase Modulation Range 0 to 9.99 radians
Amplitude Modulation Range 0 to 99.5%
Resolution 0.5%