Narda 8500 Series Industrial Compliance Meters

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The Narda 8500 Series Industrial Compliance Meters have been discontinued.

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The Narda 8500 Series combines an unprecedented ease of operation with powerful measurement capabilities. Narda 8500 Series Meters provide the industrial plant manager and safety professional with an accurate and inexpensive solution for proving compliance with regulations that cover exposure to RF radiation. Both models provide a complete measurement system comprised of an extremely easy to operate meter and a probe that contains sensors to measure both the electric (E) and magnetic (H) field components of an electromagnetic wave. Major safety standards worldwide require that both the electric and the magnetic field components (E and H fields) be measured for equipment operating below 300 MHz. Most high power industrial equipment operates at one of the frequencies allocated for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) applications. Two ISM frequencies - 27.12 MHz and 13.56 MHz - are used extensively. The majority of heat sealers and induction heaters operate at 27.12 MHz while most semiconductor processing equipment operates at 13.56 MHz. The 8513 operates from 10 MHz to 42 MHz and is calibrated at the three ISM frequencies within this range: 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz and 40.68 MHz. The 8511 has a much broader sensor that operates from 100 kHz to 100 MHz and covers most induction heaters.