Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter

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The Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter is part of the NBM-500 device family. It makes extremely accurate measurements of non-ionizing radiation. Equipped with probes for measuring electric and magnetic field strengths, it covers all frequencies from long wave up to microwave radiation. Flat frequency response probes ("flat probes") as well as so-called shaped probes that evaluate the field strength on the basis of a human safety standard are available. These probes are calibrated separately from the field meter, and include a non-volatile memory that contains the probe parameters and calibration data. They can therefore be used with any device in the Narda NBM-500 family without losing any of the calibration accuracy.
NBM Probes
Probe Model Field Type Frequency Range
EF 0391 E 100kHz - 3GHz
EF 0392 E 100kHz - 3GHz
EF 0691 E 100kHz - 6GHz
EF 1891 E 3MHz - 18GHz
EF 5091 E 300MHz - 50GHz
EF 5092 E 300MHz - 50GHz
EF 6091 E 27MHz - 60GHz
HF 3061 H 300kHz - 30MHz
HF 0191 H 27MHz - 1GHz
EX 5091 E Shaped 300kHz - 50GHz
EA 5091 E Shaped 300kHz - 50GHz
EB 5091 E Shaped 3MHz - 50GHz
EC 5091 E Shaped 300kHz - 50GHz
ED 5091 E Shaped 300kHz - 50GHz