Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter, 2400/101B | 0 - 90 GHz

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Narda NBM-550 broadband field meters measure electromagnetic field strength with the help of isotropic probes that operate over frequencies ranging from 0 to 90 GHz. The Narda NBM-550 field meter is the flagship model in Narda STS’s NBM series, the most accurate RF survey systems for non-directional measurement of non-ionizing radiation on the market. NBM-550 units are handheld, easy to operate and display results on a large graphical user interface with a backlit LCD screen.

Models in the NBM-500 series pair with an array of E-field and H-field probes that cover specific frequencies. Whether your test calls for measuring at a few Hertz, a long wave frequency or a high frequency, a Narda probe is available for your application. Shaped probes designed to measure the compliance percentage for FCC, IEEE, SC6 and ICNIRP standards are also available. Narda probes are individually calibrated and feature a non-volatile memory consisting of the calibration data and probe parameters; therefore, probes can be paired with any meter in the NBM-500 series and still provide perfect calibration accuracy.

EMF safety personnel across the world rely on Narda NBM-550 broadband field meters to perform tests for general safety, like adhering to EMF Directive 2013/35/EU, as well as more specific applications. The NBM is ideal for conducting RF monitoring on broadcasting and radar systems, as well as determining the safety levels of cell phones and satellite communications systems. Other uses include testing in the industrial, medical and EMC fields.