Narda 8600 Broadband Radiation Monitoring Systems

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The Narda 8600 Broadband Radiation Monitoring System has been discontinued.

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Narda 8600 Broadband Radiation Monitoring Systems offer maximum accuracy and versatility of measurement. Each Narda 8600 is comprised of a metering instrument and, depending upon the application, one or more field sensitive probes. As new requirements arise, expanded capabilities are provided by additional probes. The Narda 8600 is designed to suit all types of exposure monitoring applications. Interchangeable probes provide electric and magnetic field measurement capability over a wide range of frequencies and power levels. This flexibility allows the use of a single metering instrument below 300 MHz, where separate magnetic and electric field measurements are required to determine actual energy density; the same intrument is useable for electric field measurements up to 40 GHz.