Narda 8718 RF Survey Meter | 3 kHz - 40 GHz

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The Narda 8718 RF Survey Meter has been discontinued.

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The Narda Model 8718 RF Survey Meter can satisfy the needs of almost anyone that needs to measure electromagnetic fields. It was designed with the new or occasional user in mind so that the most common mistakes cannot happen.

  • No range changes-the meter automatically displays a numeric value over the probe's entire measurement range.
  • No confusing scales-simply select the correct probe (the meter even makes you double check) and the meter will display the correct reading
  • No difficult zeroing procedure-just touch one key

Even the occasional user will be able to make use of the Narda 8718's advanced features. Experienced surveyors can do everything with a single instrument- accurately and in considerably less time than with any other instrument.