Narda C8722D E-Field Probe | 300 kHz - 50 GHz

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The Narda C8722D E-Field Probe has been discontinued.

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The Narda C8722D is a broadband, shaped E-field probe that operates over a frequency range of 300 kHz - 50 GHz. As one of Narda's patented shaped frequency response probes, Narda C8722D E-field probes are designed and manufactured so that their sensitivity mirrors particular standards as closely as possible. The Narda C8722D fulfills FCC 1997 standards. A shaped frequency response probe designed for such a standard is 100 times more sensitive in the VHF region than at the lowest frequencies. The result is that energy from all sources within the probe's rated frequency range are not only summed in terms of RMS power but are also weighted in direct proportion to a particular standard.

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