Narda ED 5091 NBM Shaped Probe | 300 kHz - 50 GHz

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The Narda ED 5091 NBM Shaped Probe measures electric fields with shaped frequency response according to ICNIRP standards for occupational environment. Electric fields from 300 kHz to 50 GHz can be detected. The Narda ED 5091 NBM Shaped Probe is manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions to measure human safety limit values in mobile phone, telecom transmitter and broadcasting environments. The Narda ED 5091 contains 6 dipoles, three diode based and three thermocouple based dipoles. The correctly tuned overlap of two dipoles, one acting as a high pass filter the other as a low pass filter, provides a frequency sensitivity that mirrors a particular standard. Testing for compliance to that standard is very easy to perform, since you no longer have the need to know the emitted frequency.

The Narda ED 5091 is compatible with the Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter.