Narda EHP-200 Electric/Magnetic Field Analyzer | 9 kHz - 30 MHz

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The Narda EHP-200 Electric/Magnetic Field Analyzer has been discontinued.

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The Narda EHP-200 Electric/Magnetic Field Analyzer measures the actual fields generated by broadcast transmitters to:  1) ensure safety around the sites of large antennas, 2) control the transmitted power in the actual radiation direction, 3) test the functionality of the transmitting antennas, and to 4) identify the borders between near and far field regions. The Narda EHP-200A was designed by Narda Safety Test Solutions for accurate isotropic measurements of both electric and magnetic fields in the 9 kHz - 30 MHz frequency range, with no or minimum perturbation of the fields to be measured. Field sensors and electronic measuring circuitry are fitted into robust housing only 92 x 92 x 109 mm in size.

The Narda EHP-200 features built-in spectrum analysis with maximum BW resolution of 1 kHz for detailed measurements of E and H field intensity vs. frequency with a dynamic range of 80 dB. The built-in rechargeable LiIon battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation. The Narda EHP-200 is controlled by the PC or by the display unit 8053-display through the optical fiber link, and measurements are displayed in real time. Additional input is available to measure the frequency spectrum of external signals.