Narda EHP-200A Electric & Magnetic Field Analyzer

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The Narda EHP-200A Electric & Magnetic Field Analyzer performs both narrowband and wideband EMF measurements over a frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz. The compact, lightweight EHP-200A is designed to provide both E-field and H-field testing capabilities in a small housing that allows for minimum field perturbation. The field meter measures electric fields ranging from 0.02 to 1000 V/m and magnetic fields from 0.6 mA/m to 300 A/m. 

The Narda EHP-200A Electric & Magnetic Field Analyzer measure near and far fields, making them suitable for both occupational safety and signal analysis testing. The instrument has a 0.02 dB/°C temperature error and anisotropy of ±0.8 dB at 1 MHz. Whether an application calls for determining the safety of industrial machinery, diagnosing emission levels around antenna arrays, testing antenna transmissions, or delineating between the near and far fields, the EHP is the ideal test solution. The included PC program will also calculate field wave impedance, a useful feature for analyzing the scattered near field of large broadcasting antenna systems.