Narda EHP-50D Electric and Magnetic Field Analyzer

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The Narda EHP-50D Electric and Magnetic Field Analyzer has been replaced by the Narda EHP-50F Compact Field Analyzer.

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The EHP-50D is not simply an upgrade of the EHP-50C, but represents a real leap in technology made possible by the availability of even more sophisticated components that can provide high level performance while keeping the physical dimensions and intrinsic noise level small.

The EHP-50D gives users the choice of three measurement modes: Wideband, which measures the contribution of all the frequency components in the selected frequency span; Highest, which measures only the highest level found within the span; and Spectrum, which includes marker functions. The spectrum analysis feature means that the EHP-50D can be used to measure only the field contribution from the selected source, such as a high voltage line, excluding other nearby interfering frequencies. Everything is contained in the small (approx. 1 dm3), cubic EHP-50D housing: three magnetic coils and three plate capacitors orthogonally positioned for sensing the fields; a multi-channel analog to digital converter followed by a powerful DSP (digital signal processor) for analyzing the signal; the CPU module that controls all the functions; an E2PROM that stores the calibration data and the frequency and level calibration tables; an optical interface to allow easy connection to external displays via optical fiber link; a high capacity data logger for stand alone continuous acquisition; and the control panel with the connections and the ON/OFF switch.