Narda EHP-50F E&H-Field Analyzer

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The Narda EHP-50F E&H-Field Analyzer, manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, is an LF analyzer equipped with E field and H field sensors for all three spatial dimensions. It can therefore make frequency selective, non-directional measurements of electric and magnetic fields with high accuracy and dynamic range. The built in tripod bush and remote operation via optical cable mean that the Narda EHP-50F can be optimally positioned at the place of measurement without causing distortion in the field due to the presence of any person. Operation can be from a PC using Windows-based software or from the Narda NBM-550 basic unit. The EHP-50F can perform fully automatic long-term measurements for up to 24 hours in stand-alone operation, storing the results in the device itself.

Narda EHP-50F field analyzers perform precise electric and magnetic field measurements with a single device, operating over a frequency range spanning from 1 Hz to 400 Hz with high measurement dynamic range. The EHP-50F also offers an FFT method for selective and wideband measurement in all 3 spatial directions, as well as weighted peak measurements in compliance with ICNIRP 2010, ICNIRP 1998 and EMF Directive 2013/35/EU.