Noiseken ESS-2000 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

Noiseken ESS-2000 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
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Noiseken ESS-2000
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ESS-2000 Datasheet Specifications
The NoiseKen ESS-2000 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator is a fully programmable menu-driven ESD simulator enabling users to carry out tests in a more automated manner.
Noiseken ESS-2000 Features
  • A light weight discharge gun
  • Meets and far exceeds the requirements in EN/IEC61000-4-2
  • Up to 30kV output in both contact and air discharges
  • Easily changeable capacitor and resistor units
  • Fully programmable menu-driven simulator providing four operation modes: IEC severity, Manual, Sweep, and Program
  • Ease to use and safe with the user interface consisting of a 5-inch LCD, ten-key buttons, rotary knob and others
  • Unique shape for operator's easy access to the control and displays even when the unit is put on the floor level (ground plane)
  • GP-IB interface
  • A wide variety of the dedicated options
  • CE marked