Noiseken ESS-B3011 & GT-30R ESD Simulator

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Noiseken ESS-B3011 & GT-30R ESD Simulator
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Noiseken ESS-B3011
ESS-B3011 Datasheet
The Noiseken ESS-B3011 & GT-30R has been replaced by the Noiseken ESS-S3011 30kV.

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The Noiseken ESS-B3011 & GT-30R ESD Simulator can evaluate the resistibility of electronic equipment during an ESD event. The ESS-B3011 & GT-30R ESD is programmable with an output voltage up to 30kV and can be used for standards testing including IEC61000-4-2, ISO 10605 and RTCA/DO-160 Section 25.
Noiseken ESS-B3011 Features
  • "Pre-checking function" taking the confirmable test into the account
  • "CR constant checking function" (No indicator) to make the correct unit attachment sure"
  • Discharge Detecting Function" to realize the air-discharge confirmation
  • Lightest Discharge Gun in the market" to lighten the continual operation"
  • "White LED Irradiator" to facilitate the visualization of the discharging area.
  • One-Touch exchange of gun head and CR unit realized
Noiseken ESS-B3011 Specs
Output Voltage 0.20kV 30.0kV ±5% (30.5kVmax)
Polarity Positive/ Negative
Repetition Cycle 0.05s 9.99s± 10%, 0.01s step/manual
No. of time of discharge 1999 times, Preset 1 time step or continuous preset
Discharge Mode Contact discharge / Air discharge
Trigger Mode Gun trigger / Main trigger
Operational panel Indicator: 5 X 7 Dot matrix LED/ Operation: Push Button (Partially Lighting)
Radiation mode select switch Extra / Normal switching function built-in
Discharge Detection Discharge detection function in air-discharge equipped
Pre-checking function High voltage output checking function
CR & Gun head checking CR constant and gun head recognizable (to prevent the wrong combination without indicator)
IEC Level Switching function Contact discharge mode: 2.0KV, 4.0kV, 6.0kV and 8.0kV step
Air discharge mode: 2.0kV, 4.0kV, 8.0kV and 15.0kV step
Warning Lamp Lighting at voltage output from the generator. Blinking at electrostatic discharging
Charge capacitor, resistor 150 pF ± 10%, 330Ω±10% (Built-in CR unit for discharge gun GT-30R)
Charge resistor in generator 10MΩ (Totally 53Ω in combination with 43MΩ in discharge gun)
Power Supply/consumption AC 100V ~ AC 240V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz 62VA