Pacific Power 110H AC Power Source

Pacific Power 110H AC Power Source
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Pacific Power 110H
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The Pacific Power 110H AC Power Source is a solid-state linear power amplifier designed to serve as a rugged AC Power Source to 1000 VA at the popular power frequencies. It is designed to operate from line power of 110 or 220 VRMS, 50 - 60 Hz.

The standard unit is equipped with a fixed internal oscillator pre-set to the desired frequency over the range of 47 - 500 Hz. Amplitude is continuously variable, 0 - 125 VRMS, and may be locked at a selected value.

The 110H is fully protected against accidental shorts or overload, and against excessive internal temperature. It is designed for economy and reliability in fixed requirement applications.



Output Voltage 0 - 125 VRMS min. range
Output Current 0 - 8 amps
Internal Oscillator 400 Hz, pre-set
Power Factor 0.7 Inductive or Capacitive
Dimensions 19" W x 17" D x 10½" H
Weight 80 lbs