QSA Global OVDX-NDT-70 OpenVision DX Digital X-ray

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The QSA Global OVDX-NDT-70 OpenVision DX Digital X-ray has a rugged aluminum and carbon fiber C-arm house, a robust x-ray source, controller, battery, and a CMOS imager. The battery life for the QSA OpenVision DX is 3+ hours of operation. Data is securely stored in the internal hard drive or remote tablet.

High resolution live digital video allows operators to minimize missed calls. Direct download of high-resolution images and videos provide quick transfer into reports for rapid reporting. A 30% thinner imager and repositionable C-arm increases the access to tight spaces that the QSA OpenVision DX has. New ergonomic features support multiple configurations to facilitate both vertical and horizontal inspections at various heights — enabling access to tighter spaces and lessen operator fatigue.