Rohde & Schwarz CMTA54 Radio Communication Analyzer

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The Rohde & Schwarz CMTA54 Radiocommunication Analyzer is a radio measuring system which is fitted with all the signal sources and measuring facilities required for precision measurements on transceivers using different types of modulation (AM, FM, φM, SSB). The CMTA54 features precise and complete measurements, not only in the field of analog radio measurements, but also in the field of cellular-radio testing. The required system simulator for Network C, Radiocom 2000, NMT 450, NMT 900, AMPS and TACS is already fully integrated in the CMTA or, depending on the model, can be retrofitted as an option. The range of applications extends from production via quality assurance through to servicing.

Since signal sources and measuring facilities in the CMTA54 can be used and operated almost independently of one another, they replace a multitude of expensive individual measuring instruments. The most diversified measurement tasks - not only in the field of radio measurements - can be performed easily and reliably.

The independent signal sources and measuring facilities in conjunction with the auto-run control (option) or remote control (via IEC/IEEE bus) make the CMTA a cost-effective automatic test system. Thanks to its programmability, it features high flexibility for the great variety of RF and AF measurements. With low capital expenditure and a minimum of software, the CMTA meets practically all requirements for automated testing and can be used particularly economically for testing small or multi-product batches.