Tektronix DPO3PWR Power Analysis Module

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The Tektronix DPO3PWR power analysis application module for the MSO/DPO3000 series allows designers who are unfamiliar with power measurements to have access to accurate and repeatable results. The user-friendly interface of the Tektronix DPO3PWR gives users data that a power supply expert would be familiar with processing. The Tektronix DPO3PWR has a switching component analysis with switching loss measurements and a safe operating area plot to add increased reliability and higher power conversion efficiency. Equipped with input analysis and output analysis with power quality, current harmonics, line switching ripple, and modulation analysis, the Tektronix DPO3PWR is perfect for ample measurement capabilities. The Tektronix DPO3PWR has pre-compliance testing to IEC standard EN61000 3-2 Class A. MIL Standard 1399 Section 300A and up to 400 harmonics.