Tektronix TG2000 Multiformat Test Signal Generator

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The Tektronix TG2000 Multiformat Test Signal Generator is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform. Designed for the most demanding test applications, the TG2000 provides reference-quality test signals, stressing functions in both the analog and digital domains and the flexibility to address user-defined testing requirements. Comprehensive test signal libraries are supplied in all formats and are supplemented by a Windows-based test signal development program. The modular architecture, RAM-based test signal generators, and programmable system clocks ensure the TG2000 will meet future needs as well as today’s requirements.


  • Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation
  • Reference Generator Performance Level
  • Conforms to Analog, Digital, Video, and Audio Industry Standards
  • Modular Expandable Platform
  • Designed for the Requirements of Today and the Future
  • Fully Supports VM700T Video Measurement Routines
  • RAM-based Test Signal Generators with Nonvolatile Storage
  • Test Signal Libraries for All Formats
  • Variable Analog and Digital Video Parameters


  • Mainframe
    • Black-burst Output –
      • Standards Conformance: EBU N14, SMPTE RP 154.
      • Frequency:
        • NTSC or PAL FSC.
        • Long-term stability: ≤1 ppm per year drift.


  • Research and Development
  • Studio Reference Generator
  • Manufacturing Test
  • Equipment Design Maintenance
  • Postproduction and Broadcast Facilities
  • Automated Manufacturing Test