Tektronix TLA520 100 MHz, 200 Channel Logic Analyzer

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Tektronix TLA520 100 MHz, 200 Channel Logic Analyzer
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Tektronix Test Equipment TLA520
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TLA520 Datasheet
The Tek TLA520 Logic Analyzer includes 200 channels of 100 MHz acquisition that can be divided to support two processors time correlated, or combined to support one advanced processor. The TLA520 can optionally be configured as one 100 channel and one 50 channel acquisition. This is convenient when the integration task requires single processor support with separate, but time correlated, state or timing channels.
Tektronix Test Equipment TLA520 Features
  • 100 MHz State Analysis
  • 400 Ms Timing Analysis
  • 8 K Acquisition Memory Depth
  • 200 Channel Width
  • High Performance RISC/CISC Microprocessor Support
  • Advanced Performance Analysis
  • Links to High Level Languages for Software Debug
  • 18-CH, 50 MHz Algorithmic Pattern Generator
  • Compliant with CISPR IIA Radiated and Conducted Emissions Requirements