Teseq FG5621 Arbitrary Waveform Module for Teseq NSG5600

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This product is an accessory to the NSG 5600.

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The function generator FG 5621 is used universally throughout the Teseq NSG 5600 for the control of DC sources and power amplifiers. The AutoStar™ software defines the necessary voltage/frequency conditions. The controller converts this information into algorithms for the FG (function generator), which creates an image of the requirements in its own memory and then generates the output signals for the addressed power modules during the test run. All the requisite waveforms can be created numerically from the basic functions or by loading a Clone™, e.g. a memory map of values from a storage oscilloscope or other external application, the FG also generates waveforms that can be difficult to describe mathematically or where real-world events need to be simulated. AutoStar supports any external application that can output an ASCII list, MathCAD or Microsoft Excel, for example. Every card incorporates a second channel for the control of a further source with a programmable, steady state voltage as well as an output for setting the current limiting of the source. The main output signal consists of analog voltage of -10 to +10V – a standard that is used by the majority of voltage sources. Limits are only imposed by the sources used for a particular application. For this reason, Schaffner offers a full range of standard-compliant battery simulators.
The FG 5621 is a module equipped with a function generator board. A second board can be added subsequently at any time. The FG 5621 is delivered equipped with two function generators. Two of these modules can be used in a system, i.e. up to four function generators are available to control the relevant number of sources. All the generators used are programmed separately and run synchronously based on a master-slave relationship.