Teseq NSG 5600 Automotive Transient Generator

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Utilizing the only automotive EMC specific synchronized, multi-channel function generator (FG) in the world, the software in the Teseq/Schaffner NSG 5600 integrates the various system components seamlessly into the overall system concept with uniform operating procedures and user guidance together with a comprehensive test result reporting facility.

Designed to be used either alone or in combination with a Schaffner NSG 5500 system, the Schaffner NSG 5600 is designed to simulate events that include voltage dropouts, sinusoidal noise and other events superimposed on the automotive battery: Dips and drops, and ISO and SAE pulse 2b and pulse 4 and other starting profiles. The Teseq/Schaffner NSG5600 Automotive Transient Generator is the leader in synchronized voltage variations, such as power cycling tests (on up to four FGs) as required by various standards such as ISO 7637 and CI 230 defined in the Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AB and AC standards. Additionally, the Schaffner NSG 5600 may be configured for magnetic field immunity testing. The basic Teseq / Schaffner NSG 5600 includes one FG 5620 but additional capability may be added using any of the optional modules.