Teseq Modula ESD Test System

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Schaffner Modula ESD Test System is a new product line for the simulation of electromagnetic interference effects. Immunity testing in conformity with international, national and in-house standards is handled with hitherto unimaginable efficiency and with greater operator convenience than ever before. Besides the generation of the classic interference pulses such as Burst and Surge as well as Power Quality simulations, further functions can also be readily incorporated in the system configuration. The Schaffner Modula represents a new yardstick for pulse generators and systems intended for investigating the immunity of products to electromagnetic interference.

Modula is a system concept that can appear in various guises depending on the intended use and the market needs. Industry-wide compatibility has been very much borne in mind in the development of Modula. The use of the well-known Interbus as the internal and external interface to every function unit, the Ethernet with the TCP/IP protocol for PC and network links, IEC compatible connectors on the equipment and EUT side, a software concept based on the Lab View standard, running under Windows, provides the greatest possible freedom and flexibility for expansion and for incorporation of available or planned components into the system in the test laboratory.