Tettex 2820A Automated C, L and tan δ Measuring Bridge

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The Dielectric-Loss Analyzing System 2820a is designed for measurement of low dielectric losses and impedances (Dissipation Factor and Power Factor) of high-voltage apparatus (e.g. the insulation of bushings).

The instrument works on the principle of a combined bridge-vector-meter and is capable of analyzing capacitive and inductive loads with high accuracy and stability.

The Graphical User Interface of the instrument is highly intuitive, focused on convenience with built-in useful programs (e.g. support tool for tuning the external high-voltage supply) and uses a large color touch screen as the input device.
  • Easy to operate with Manual and Automated test modes, Software assisted test preparation, Execution and Trend analysis.
  • Complete Measuring System including power supplies, standard capacitors, current comparators, test cells, application support and calibration from one supplier
  • Wide Application Range. Losses of all types of insulation including shunt reactors under unstable power frequency can be measured.
  • Upgrade. Outdated Tettex bridge models (e.g. 2877, 2801, 2821, etc.) can be easily replaced, with existing cable sets.