TSI 3410 Dust Aerosol Generator

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The TSI 3410 Dust Aerosol Generator disperses dry dust and powders for applications that need continuous and stable dosing with high accuracy. The TSI 3410 is commonly used in aerosol science, filter testing, industrial processes, and quality assurance tasks. With the interchangeable units dispersing different materials, e.g. soot, TiO2, cellulose, or ISO 12103, test dust can be provided at different output concentrations.

A pressurized cover keeps the material dry even in locations with higher ambient humidity. The TSI 3410 Dust Aerosol Generator comes in two versions (VDI 3491-3). Model 3410U is for poor flow powders at low dosing rates. Here the powder is continually poured onto a metal ring where excess material falls off the side and back into the reservoir.