TTC T-BERD 950 Communications Analyzer

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Analog and digital testing, NT1 and T BERT, or NT1/TE emulation
  • Perform standard T1 BER testing and signal analysis measurements
  • Gain T1/FT1 access for BER testing with standard and advanced stress patterns, as well as built-in T1 smart repeater and HDSL loopcodes
  • Test end-to-end WAN service through DTE/DCE equipment emulation and in-service monitoring
  • Perform TIMS measurements for qualification of voice and data circuits; place, receive calls, and perform signaling event/digit analysis on analog loop start, ground start, and DID voice circuits
  • Verify circuit-switched ISDN BRI voice, data, and D packet services by performing NT1 and T BERT, or NT1/TE emulation