Vanguard VBT-75P-S2 Vacuum Bottle Tester

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The Vanguard VBT-75P-S2 is a vacuum bottle tester that uses automatic testing with a voltage range of 10 kV ¬ 75 kV DC and an output in 1 kV steps. This portable, microprocessor-based device allows technicians to run circuit-breaker vacuum bottle tests. Maximum storage includes 84 records of 16 readings in Flash EEPROM. This second generation vacuum bottle tester has an LCD screen, a 10-foot test cable, and a built-in 2.5-inch thermal printer. The output voltage is 10kV ¬ 75 kV dc in 1 kV steps with an accuracy of 1.5 percent. The Vanguard VBT-75P-S2 is lightweight, allowing for a user-friendly experience.