What Is A High Precision Power Analyzer?

What Is A High Precision Power Analyzer?
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What Is The Benefit Of Using A High Precision Power Analyzer?

A high precision power analyzer is known for accuracy and reliability. The precise nature of this type of equipment provides engineers with confidence in the resulting data.
Technicians need to be able to use equipment that is dependable and accurate. It is vital that they can trust their results when it comes to taking measurements and completing in-depth analyses.

High Precision Power Analyzers

High Precision Power Analyzers are used to measure power, voltage, and current in an electrical device or system. Known for accuracy and precise measurements, a high precision power analyzer provides reliable data for later analysis.

Features Of A High Precision Power Analyzer

  • Excellent power accuracy
  • Quick setup and efficient testing
  • Low current measurements
  • Wide current input ranges
  • Measures AC and DC parameters
  • Customizable computations per application needs
  • Color-coded connections and controls
  • User-friendly color display

High Precision Power Accuracy 

Each high precision power analyzer will be slightly different, depending on the model, applications, and other features, but all need to be reliable and comprehensive. The accuracy that these devices provide is what makes them ideal for meeting a variety of testing needs. Engineers often rely on a high precision power analyzer to complete crucial analysis that is vital to the success of their work.

How To Use A High Precision Power Analyzer

In order to use a high precision power analyzer, operators must first connect the appropriate wires on the back of the device and then program the instrument to work with how it is wired. Technicians can use the touchscreen interface to select the necessary options and set independent voltage and current using the control panel as needed.
For products like the Yokogawa WT1800 Digital Power Analyzer, there is an auto-range feature or operators can manually set the ranges. After making any additional adjustments to the settings, they can view the displays to see the specific data and choose the target measurement. Once the measurements have been taken and the data is captured, any unnecessary data can be removed from the log, using the keypad. Data can be printed using the print-to-paper feature or saved as an image to a USB.


Choosing The Best Power Analyzer

ATEC carries high precision power analyzers from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Keysight, Yokogawa, and more. To learn more about our high precision power analyzer rentals, reach out to an ATEC rental agent today. We can also assist you in picking the best device for your testing requirements.

Keysight PA2203A IntegraVision Power Analyzer


For example, the Keysight PA2203A IntegraVision Power Analyzer is a reliable device with 4 power channels that allow for the analysis of voltage, current, and power. This high precision power analyzer also includes:
  • Large Touchscreen Display
  • User-Friendly Applications
  • 0.05% Basic Accuracy
  • Color-Coded Channels
  • Comprehensive Data Logging Feature

Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

The Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer is known for its uniformity, which allows operators to trust the data collected with this device. This model has a guaranteed basic power accuracy of 0.03%. The device also features as follows:
  • 18 Bit A/D
  • Sampling Rate: 10 MS/s
  • Bandwidth: 10 MHz
  • High Performance Shunt Technology
  • Innovative Interface
  • User-Friendly Applications

What Is A High Precision Power Analyzer? Equipment

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