Keysight PA2203A IntegraVision Power Analyzer | 4 Channels, 3-Phase AC

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The Keysight PA2203A IntegraVision power analyzer is a 4-channel, 3-phase AC precision power analysis system that synthesizes the high accuracy of a power analyzer and the enhanced customer experience of an oscilloscope. Keysight PA2203A IntegraVision power analyzers are designed to reduce setup time and streamline testing, allowing users to quickly perform a variety of test scenarios with broad, isolated inputs. The PA2203A creates visualizations of transients, in-rush currents, and other state changes, its high-speed digitizer capturing real-time power, current, and voltage data. All of this is performed on a 12.1” / 310 mm touchscreen display. R&D engineers choose the IntegraVision PA2203A because of it provides highly accurate dynamic measurements and power measurements that vary vs. time; these qualities make it a vital tool in reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency in power conversions, and developing devices that take power from AC lines.

Power converter tests for:
  • UPS / Energy Storage
  • AC/DC, DC/AC, DC/DC Converters
  • Solar Inverters
  • Satellites & Aerospace / Defense
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