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Cellular Network

Cellular network test equipment is essential to the development, maintenance, and monitoring of RF components. From service and network providers, to contractors, field technicians, installers and tower climbers, wireless communications test equipment are used to analyze mobile network elements for verification of functionality according to wireless technology specifications. Whether testing mobile devices, wireless signal quality, base stations, or video, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals provides the equipment you need. Perform PIM testing on RF components, cable and antenna analysis at base stations, align antennas at cell towers, run cell fiber tests, monitor against high levels of RF with radiation meters and more with the extensive selection of wireless communications test equipment ATEC carries.

PIM Testing Equipment | Passive Intermodulation Equipment
PIM Testing Equipment or passive intermodulation testers test the interference of passive elements or devices which jumble signals to create...
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Cable & Antenna Analyzers
Validate conformity for Wireless and Antenna Base Stations up to 20 GHz.
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Rent Antenna Alignment Tools from Sunsight Systems, Spectracom, and 3Z
Antenna Alignment Tools as required by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other carrier of cell towers to optimize microwave link reliability.
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Rent Cell Fiber Test Kits Communications Test Equipment
Rent Cell Fiber Test Kits test equipment that helps against numerous challenges associated with the migration from legacy backhaul such as TDM and...
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Personal RF Monitors
Stay safe in potentially hazardous areas with high levels of RF and Radiation.
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Gauss Meters & Magnetometers
Measure the magnetization of magnetic material
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Spectrum & Signal Analyzers | Benchtop, Handheld, Multi Freq
Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers are a fundamental test tool that you likely own yet there are many reasons a rental makes financial sense....
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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
Handheld signal analyzers for low frequency, FFT and vibration analysis up to 40 GHz RF spectral analysis.
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