Facility Power

Facility Power test equipment measures electrical consumption, insulation faults, and electrical performance of a variety of test subjects. Quite often, these tools are used in the commissioning, auditing, and troubleshooting stages of electrical systems. The devices under test (or DUT) can be any electrical device, whether it operates in a commercial or residential setting. Some Facility Power Test equipment, like Ground Resistance Testers, measure the periodic faults of insulation in underground cables. These faults, often caused by moisture, cracks in the sheath, phase contact and more, can result in deterioration of the cable and subsequent voltage breakdown. Other Facility Power equipment, like Infrared Cameras, are used to measure and identify energy given off by an electrical system or tool, thereby diagnosing energy loss before it causes a total breakdown. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a variety of Facility Power equipment by leading manufacturers like Fluke, Yokogawa, Megger, Biddle and more.

AC Power/Electrical Meters | Multifunction
Electrical meters are used to measure the amount of electricity consumed by any type of electrical device
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Cable Fault Testing
Cable fault testing, or cable fault location, is the process of identifying periodic or insulation faults in underground cables as it pertains to...
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Rent DLRO | Contact Resistance Ohmmeters
Digital low resistance micro-ohmmeters, known as DLRO, measure the contact resistance of a variety of facility electrical systems, like switch and...
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Infrared Cameras
A non-contact, non-destructive imaging system, infrared cameras are able to identify energy (illustrated by the heat it gives off) and convert it...
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Rent Ground Resistance | Earth Testers
Ground Resistance and Earth Testers are critical tools for protecting electrical facilities from the dangerous effects of a lightning strike or...
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Rent Solar - PV Analyzers
Solar PV analyzers are a complete electrical test solution for verifying photovoltaic array performance.  They are able to monitor and examine...
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