Power Supplies & Loads Rentals

Power Supplies & Loads Rentals
A power supply generates electricity to receiving devices, systems or loads. AC power supplies are essential tools for the measurement of current in electrical systems, with applications like limiting the current drawn by a load to desired levels, shutting off a current in the event of an electrical fault and storing energy for emergency use. DC power supplies provide a constant current. This consistent current output is key in electrical systems requiring DC energy or DC energy conversion.

A load, or electrical load, is a receiver of energy. Loads are often integrated into circuits to test devices’ electrical properties. In the test and measurement industry, an load is a device that simulates interactions between other loads within a system and predicts how sources and other loads will react to variable currents. An AC load is any device which receives alternating-current (AC) electrical power from a source in an electrical system and DC loads are instruments which receive a direct current (DC) from a source.

Power supplies and loads are often rented or purchased to fulfill testing requirements mandated by test standards, including the following:
  • IEC 61000-4-11
  • DO-160
  • MIL-STD-704
  • RS-485
  • IEEE 488.2
  • NERC PRC-005-2
ATEC offers affordable power supply rental rates for products ranging from low- to high-power and from grid simulators to AC frequency converters. Our inventory of loads features quick total discharge time and amp draw rates and varies from units designed to analyze different power levels. We offer products from leading manufacturers like Chroma, Pacific Power, Preen, EM Test, Keysight, Magna-Power, Magnavolt, Tektronix, Kikusui and more.
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