EN Standards: EN 50082-1: Electromagnetic compatibility - Generic immunity standard - Part 1: Residential, commercial and light industry

The EN 50082-1 standard for EMC immunity requirements applies to electrical and electronic apparatus intended for use in the residential, commercial and light-industrial environment, as described in Clause 5, for which no dedicated product or product-family immunity standard exists.

Industrial environments are characterized by the existence of one or more of the following conditions:

  • Industrial locations and medical apparatus, e.g. the presence of welding machines.

  • Heavy inductive or capacitive loads are frequently switched.

  • Current and associated magnetic fields are high.

Immunity requirements in the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 GHz are covered. No measurements need to be performed at frequencies where no requirements are specified.

This standard applies to any apparatus intended to be directly connected to a public low-voltage mains network or connected to a dedicated DC source which is intended to interface between the apparatus and the low-voltage public mains network. It also applies to apparatus which is battery operated or is powered by a non-public but non-industrial low-voltage power distribution system if this apparatus is intended to be used in the locations described in Clause 5.

This standard has been superseded by EN 61000-6-1.