ISO Standards: ISO 10605: Road Vehicles—Test Methods for Electrical Disturbances from Electrostatic Discharge

The familiar electrostatic discharge, due to former charge build-ups generated, for example, when moving about inside a vehicle or getting out of it, has assumed greater significance with the increase of vehicle electronic modules. Tests simulating the electrostatic discharge of humans, in common use by various industries, were examined and it was determined that they were not fully applicable to the automotive environment. As a consequence, tests tailored to the automotive environment were developed. Tests that simulate an electrostatic discharge (ESD) into a vehicle electrical system are based on the human ESD model. Sensitive electrical devices can be adversely affected by energy either coupled or radiated from electrostatic discharges. This International Standard describes ESD tests that are applicable to both automotive electronic modules and vehicles.

Test Procedure:

The test shall be performed by direct contact discharge on all pins and contacts, and/or air discharge mode on all surfaces and points that can be touched during the assembly process or in the service case.

Apply the ESD at (as a minimum) each connector pin, case, button, switch, display, case screw and case opening of the DUT that is accessible during handling. For this procedure, recessed connector pins are considered accessible during handling.

To access recessed connector pins, an insulated solid wire with a cross-section between 0,5 mm2 and 2 mm2 and a maximum length of 25 mm shall be used.

Discharge on pins of a connector with closely-spaced pins may be difficult. In this case, it is possible to use insulated solid wire with a cross-section between 0,5 mm2 and 2 mm2, and a maximum length of 25 mm, as for recessed pins.

Discharges shall be applied to all specified test points in the test plan. Product response may be affected by the polarity of the discharge. Both polarities of discharge shall be used during testing to determine their effect on the DUT.

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