EMC Partner ESD3000 ESD System for Contact/Air Discharge (CD)

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The EMC-Partner ESD3000 is a light weight, hand-held battery operated tester. The modular construction enables many different test standards to be performed by simply changing the module. A broad range of accessories enable testing to many applications for contact discharge, air discharge and indirect discharge.

The easily interchangeable discharge modules (DM) quickly adapt the ESD3000 to the specified circuits of a new application. Each new module fitted to the ESD3000 is automatically identified and the corresponding program displayed. Modules can be configured to meet requirements for special component values but also so that the waveshape is correct using the defined calibration method. The modules contain all the high voltage circuits making the ESD3000 the ONLY ESD system capable of fully conforming to different calibration requirements.

For Contact Discharge (CD) up to 30 kV and Air Discharge (AD) up to 30 kV.

Discharge Module (DM) Specifications Standards
DM1 150 pF, 330 Ohm, AD up to 16kV, CD up to 10kV IEC 61000-4-2, ITU-T K20
DM2 330pF, 2000 Ohm, AD up to 16kV, CD up to 10kV TR10605, PSA B32 7110
DM32A-UL991 100pF, 1000 Ohm, up to 30kV UL 991
DM4 100pF, 1500 Ohm, AD up to 16kV, CD up to 10kV MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-464, GR78-CORE