EMC Partner ESD3000 ESD System for Contact/Air Discharge (CD)

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Rent EMC-Partner ESD3000 ESD System for Contact/Air Discharge (CD)
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EMC Partner ESD3000
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The EMC-Partner ESD3000 is a light weight, hand-held battery operated tester. The modular construction enables many different test standards to be performed by simply changing the module. A broad range of accessories enable testing to many applications for contact discharge, air discharge and indirect discharge.

The easily interchangeable discharge modules (DM) quickly adapt the ESD3000 to the specified circuits of a new application. Each new module fitted to the ESD3000 is automatically identified and the corresponding program displayed. Modules can be configured to meet requirements for special component values but also so that the waveshape is correct using the defined calibration method. The modules contain all the high voltage circuits making the ESD3000 the ONLY ESD system capable of fully conforming to different calibration requirements.

For Contact Discharge (CD) up to 30 kV and Air Discharge (AD) up to 32 kV

EMC Partner ESD3000 Features
  • 32 kV contact discharge level
  • Single impulse mode
  • Simple operation
  • Parameter change during operation using + and - keys
  • Internal program memory
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Electronic polarity change
  • Light weight
  • Battery operation
  • Compact design
  • Fulfills ALL standard requirements
  • Wide range of Discharge Modules (DM)
  • Individually calibrated discharge modules (DM)
  • Standard (0.7 - 1 nS) or Fast ESD (ca. 300 pS) events
  • Remote control and software upgrade through standard interface
EMC Partner ESD3000 Specs
  • Discharge risetime: depending on module type
  • Air discharge: 0.2 up to 32 kV depending on module type
  • Contact discharge: 0.08 up to 30 kV depending on module type
  • Voltage increment resolution: 1 volt steps
  • Contact discharge repetition interval: 0.05 to 30 s
  • Discharge detection: every pulse or real discharges only
  • Discharge counter: 1 to 29999
  • Discharge polarity: positive, negative and alternating
  • Holding time: 5 s
  • Programmable parameter ramps: voltage, polarity
  • Discharge trigger: manual, automatic or remote
  • Test report data from TRA2000 or TEMAsoftware: sequence, number of discharges, voltage, polarity
EMC Partner ESD3000 Standards
CD up to max. 10 kV and up to level 4:
DM1: IEC/EN 61000-4-2 (10/16kV)
DM2: ISO 10605(E) (+/- 10/16kV)
DM3: ISO 10605(E) ( +/- 0/32 kV)
DM4: MIL-883E ( +/- 10/16 kV)
DM5: DO-160D (+/- 0/32 kV)
DM6: IEC 61340-3-1 (+/- 8/0 kV)
DM7: IEC 61340-3-2 (+/- 2.5/0 kV)
DM8: EN50155 (10 kV, 0.05/0.1 µs)

Customized DM16C : in general: Cap: 100 pF up to 1500 pF
  • Res: 0 up to 2 kOhm
  • manufactured:
  • DM16C-VW:
    Cap: 1500 pF
    Res: 2200 Ohm
  • DM16C-AUDI:
    Cap: 330 pF
    Res: 330 Ohm

DM = Discharge Module
(x/y kV) = Voltage range CD and AD
CD up to max. 30 kV, level x