EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator for ISO 7637

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The EM Test LD 200N is a compact, high-energy, Load Dump generator. The EM Test LD 200N generates Load Dump pulses as per manufacturer specifications per ISO 7637SAE J1113, SAE J1455, JASO, and more. The EM Test LD 200N also generates pulses to meet specifications as outlined by companies including but not limited to Ford, Chrysler, and Nissan. The EM Test LD 200N has a built-in coupler that is extendable to 200 A and a pulse duration of up to 1,200 ms. A user-friendly interface with a front panel menu and function keys ensures efficient and precise test routines are possible. The EM Test LD 200N also generates clipped load dump pulses that adhere to manufacturer requirements and international standards.