AeroVironment AV-900 EX Battery Pack Tester

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AeroVironment AV-900 EX
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AV-900 EX Datasheet
The AV-900 EX is ideal for testing and emulating energy storage and drive train components. The increased performance (rise time/slew rate) and increased accuracy make the AV-900 EX ideal for applications like Heavy Industrial (ships, trains, trucks, and aircraft), Military (hybrid drives and aircraft launch systems), Power Electronics (solar panels, inverters), and Hardware in the loop testing. Digital controls protect critical systems and components, and the system can self-adjust to external environmental events like unstable power sources. The bidirectional system can operate at ± 250kW, or combined, it can scale to ±1MW. The AV-900 EX, with new LCD touchscreen display, is an intelligent system that will give you the accuracy, speed, and control to add value to your tests.
AeroVironment AV-900 EX Features
  • Industry standard for high performance testing
  • Flexibly test virtually any DC source, load, or battery storage system
  • Enhanced error detection & fault correction
  • Test faster and more efficiently > Save time & money
  • Regenerative to the grid > Save energy and money
  • More accurately represent real world conditions > More predictive results
  • Two channels for flexibility in testing/simulating multiple devices with a single machine
  • Open communication protocol allowing easy integration into any test set-up
  • Self-contained cooling system requiring no external cooling system
  • Control Modes: Voltage, Current, Power, Resistance, Voltage with Internal Resistence
  • Updated Look & Feel: Touch Screen HMI & Error messages displayed on screen
  • Camlocks: available with or without
AeroVironment AV-900 EX Specs
  Independent Parallel Multi-unit
Voltage 900V 900V 900V
Current 500A 1000A 4000A
Power 250kW 250kW 1000kW
Command Latency 250μs (Ethernet)
Energy Recovery Efficiency 93%
Measurement Error-Voltage ±0.05V or ±0.05% of reading
Measurement Error-Current ±160mA or ±0.05% of reading
Rise Time Voltage-Step(0-500V) 3ms* 7ms* 7ms*
Rise Time Current-Step(0-300A) 0.5ms* 0.6ms* 0.9ms*
Rise Time Power-Step 0.4ms*
Slew Rate Voltage 171V/ms 89V/ms 76V/ms
Slew Rate Current 769A/ms 1282A/ms 1935A/ms
Slew Rate Power 274kW/ms 500kW/ms 833kW/ms
Tracking Bandwidth Voltage 50Hz (500V)
75Hz (250V)
50Hz (500V) 50Hz (500V)
Tracking Bandwidth Current 175Hz (500A) 150Hz (700A) 50Hz (700A)
Tracking Bandwidth Power 100Hz (150kW) 150Hz (250kW) 50Hz (250kW)
Communication (Control) with Command Latency Fiber to Ethernet 275μs
CAN 35ms
RS-232 50ms
Input Voltage (+10%/-15%) 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V (50/60 Hz)
Weight 6063 lb (2750 kg)
Dimensions 72” W x 76.5” H x 39” D
(183cm W x 194cm H x 99cm D)