NH Research 9300 High-Voltage Battery Test System

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The NH Research 9300 is a programmable DC power supply designed to operate as a regenerative DC load in battery pack testing with a power range of 100kW - 2.4MW. NHR 9300 high-voltage battery testers are quick, efficent, fully programmable and bi-directional DC power sources. A modular series, NH Research 9300 power supplies can be chained together in groups of up to 24 100kW units for a total of 2.4MW.

NH Research 9300 Series models are versatile in their applications; in the electric vehicle industry alone, for example, the NHR 9300 can be used for EV powertrain tests, drive cycle simulation, EV battery module and pack testing, and many more tests. The NHR is ideal for battery testing applications like battery pack, fuel cell and ultra-capacitor testing. The NH 9300 high voltage battery tester is commonly used in critical power industries like aerospace, electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, solar PV inverters and in standard certification lab markets.

The NHR 9300's competitive advantage lies in its energy-efficient design: the 9300 is regenerative, returning more than 90% of power to the facility, which means significant electrical savings for users. Depending on the level of use, NH 9300 units can offer payback of the entire system within years - to say nothing of how quickly an affordable rental price can be paid back. Operators can count on this efficiency, along with the system's simple interface, sophisticated analysis system and enhanced safety features, to deliver them reliable results and the best battery testing experience available to consumers.