NH Research 9300 High Voltage Battery Test System Series

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Rent NH Research 9300 Series High Voltage Battery Test System
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NH Research 9300
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9300 Datasheet
The NH Research 9300 High Voltage Battery Test System Series delivers fully programmable and bi-directional DC power sources (charge) which provide reversible current flow, acting as a regenerative DC load (discharge). The wide-operating envelope contains up to 100 kW per cabinet, with voltage range topping at 1200 V & 160 A and current range going up to 333 A and 600 V. Common applications technicians rent the NH Research 9300 to conduct include automotive, aviation, heavy industrial, marine, grid storage and standards certification testing. Both modes support any combination of constant power, constant voltage and constant-current regulation limits. Products tested include batteries, fuel cells, ultra-capacitors, and other energy storage devices. The most frequent uses for the NH Research 9300 are battery charge/discharge cycling, testing battery chargers and battery emulation.
NH Research 9300 Features
  • Wide Operating Envelope at 100kW per cabinet
  • Scalable to 1.2MW/4000A
  • >90% efficiency of discharge power returned to AC mains
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays
  • Current, Voltage & Mode transitions in <2 mSec
  • Battery Emulation Mode
  • Touch Panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
  • Enerchron® Test Executive
NH Research 9300 Specs
Model 9300-100 9300-200 9300-300 9300-400 9300-500 9300-600
Rating 100kW 200kW 300kW 400kW 500kW 600kW
Max Current @ 600V 333A 666A 999A 1332A 1665A 1998A
Current @ 1200V ±167A ±334A ±501A ±668A ±835A ±1002A
  9300-700 9300-800 9300-900 9300-1000 9300-1100 9300-1200
Rating 700kW 800kW 900kW 1000kW 1100kW 1200kW
Max Current @ 600V 2331A 2664A 2997A 3330A 3663A 3996A
Current @ 1200V ±1169A ±1336A ±1503A ±1670A ±1837A ±2001A