NH Research 9200 Battery Test System

Rent NH Research 9200 Battery Charge/Discharge Test System
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NH Research 9200
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9200 Datasheet
Versatile power modules are the key to the flexibility achieved with the 9200 Battery Test System. Systems can be configured utilizing from 1 to 12 modules. Each power module is isolated, independently programmable, sources & sinks current, regenerative, and contains an advanced digital measurement system. System software allows using these modules individually, in any combination or as one single group to meet battery test requirements. For example, on a system configured with 3 power modules, one of the modules could be testing a battery of 12 kW, while the other two modules could be paralleled to test a 24 kW battery. Both batteries could have different test programs and start/stop times. The end result is an extraordinarily flexible tester that solves the challenge of matching test resources to a wide range of battery power, test program and duration requirements. In this manner, the 9200 Test System significantly increases the utilization of test systems thereby lowering the cost of battery testing. No longer do test departments have to tie up a high-power tester for a single low-power battery.
NH Research 9200 Features
  • Best configuration flexibility
  • Custom waveform/profile generation
  • Microsecond voltage, current and mode transition times
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays
  • 3 test system control options including a Touch-Panel interface
  • Expandable from 12 to 252 kW with 40, 120 or 600 V bi-directional DC loads
  • 87% efficiency of discharge power returned to AC mains
  • Multiple safety layers to protect battery being tested
  • Battery emulation and burn-in applications