A.H. Systems AK-285T Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit

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Rent A.H System AK-285T Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit
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AH Systems AK-285T
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The A.H. Systems AK-285T Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit includes all of the required antennas needed to perform shielding effectiveness. Each component has a specific storage compartment in the carrying case therefore, loss and breakage are virtually eliminated. Cables, a tripod with azimuth and elevation head, and a tripod carrying case accompany each antenna kit. Each of the antennas, and cables, are provided with calibrations when connected to a 50-ohm input receiver or spectrum analyzer.

Each of the E-field antennas mounts directly to the tripod azimuth and elevation head. The azimuth and elevation head allows the operator to vary the antenna azimuth (direction) and tilt the antenna up and down. The antenna polarity can also be rotated (horizontal or vertical).

AH Systems AK-285T Features
  • Total Frequency Range of 1 KHz to 18 GHz
  • Transmit
  • Individually Calibrated
  • Shielding Effectiveness Testing (Transmit)
  • Rugged Construction
AH Systems AK-285T Specs
Included Equipment Frequency Range Description
SAS-510-2 290 MHz - 2000 MHz Log Periodic Antenna
SAS-544F 20 MHz - 300 MHz Biconical Antenna
SAS-551 9 KHz - 40 MHz Passive Monopole Antenna
SAS-564 1 KHz - 30 MHz Transimit 12" Loop
SAS-571 700 MHz - 18 GHz Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna
TSC-285T   Transit Storage Case
SAC-18G-3 up to 18 GHz 3 Meter Cable, Low Loss, N/N
ADP-202   N(f) to BNC(m) Adapter
ATU-510   Wood Tripod
AEH-510   Azimuth and Elevation Head
TCC-510   Tripod Carrying Case