Doble M5300 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

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Doble M5300 Sweep Frequency Reponse Analyzer
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Doble M5300
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The M5300 detects mechanical failure or movement of windings due to short circuits, mechanical stresses or transportation. Use it to ensure transformer performance, reduce maintenance cost, and increase the service life of transformers.

The M5300 sends an excitation signal into the transformer and measures the returning signals across a broad frequency range. By comparing this response to baseline and other results (such as from similar units), you can identify deviations and confirm internal mechanical problems.
Doble M5300 Specs
Excitation Source:
Channels: 1
Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 25 MHz
Output Voltage: 20 V peak-to-peak at 50 Ohms
Output Protection: Short circuit protected
Source Impedance: 50 Ohms
Measurement Channels:
Channels: 2
Sampling: Simultaneous
Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 25 MHz
Max. Sampling rate: 100 MS/s
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Data Collection:
Test Method: Sweep Frequency
PC Communication: USB/Ethernet
Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 25 MHz
Number of Points: 1000 points (Default) Up to1800 points (Extended Range)
Point Spacing: 1.2 % Logarithmic
Dynamic Range: >90 dB
Repeatability: ±1 dB to –80 dB
IF Bandwidth: < 10% of active frequency
Data Display:
Scaling: Linear/Log
Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 25 MHz, user defined within frequency range
Plotting: Frequency vs. Magnitude / Phase
Analysis: Difference, Sub-band Cross-Correlation
Physical Specifications:
Dimensions: 10.0 H x 16.0 W x 15.5 D in
Weight: 22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)
Power Supply: 100-240V AC
Temperature: 0° to 50° C operating, -25° to + 70° C storage
Relative Humidity: 0% to 95 % non condensing