OMICRON Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer 1 Hz - 40 MHz

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Rent OMICRON Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer 1 Hz - 40 MHz
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OMICRON Bode 100
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The OMICRON Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer 1 Hz - 40 MHz consists of hardware and software. The high quality hardware ensures accurate measurement results in the wide frequency range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz. Its portable and compact design enables you to test wherever you want. Due to the versatile system design, the Bode 100 works as a vector network analyzer, frequency response analyzer, and impedance analyzer all in one. You can fully control the Bode 100 via the Bode Analyzer Suite (BAS). The BAS is an easy to use, intuitive user interface, which is included in the Bode 100 delivery. It allows you to control the Bode 100 hardware from your Windows®1 PC. The BAS helps you to quickly measure and analyze your device under test. In addition, it offers great functions to document and share your measurement results.
OMICRON Bode 100 Features
Vector Network Analyzer

The vector network analyzer function of the Bode 100 allows you to measure:

  • Swept S-parameters in the 50 system
  • Reflection coefficient and return loss
  • Insertion loss of filters
  • Group delay characteristics
  • Influence of termination on amplifiers
Frequency Response Analyzer
The Bode 100 serves as a Gain/Phase meter and is ideally suited to measure:
  • Transfer functions of electronic circuits
  • Stability of control systems such as DC/DC converters
  • Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) respectively Audio Susceptibility
Impedance Analyzer
The Bode 100 offers you a high variety of impedance measurement possibilities to easily analyze:
  • Electromagnetic devices such as transformers and inductors
  • Capacitors and their parasitics
  • Ultrasonic and piezo electric components or systems
  • Very high Q-circuits such as quartz crystals and oscillators
  • Input and output impedance of electronic circuits