Megger FRAX 101 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

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The Megger FRAX 101 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) detects potential mechanical and electrical problems that other methods are unable to detect. Major utilities and service companies have used the FRA method for more than a decade. The measurement is easy to perform and will capture a unique “fingerprint” of the transformer. The measurement is compared to a reference “fingerprint” and gives a direct answer if the mechanical parts of the transformer are unchanged or not. Deviations indicate geometrical and/or electrical changes within the transformer.

Power transformers are some of the most vital components in today’s transmission and distribution infrastructure. Transformer failures cost enormous amounts of money in unexpected outages and unscheduled maintenance. It is important to avoid these failures and make testing and diagnostics reliable and efficient.

Power transformers are specified to withstand mechanical forces from both transportation and in-service events, such as faults and lightning. However, mechanical forces may exceed specified limits during sever e incidents or when the insulation’s mechanical strength has weakened due to aging. A relatively quick test where the fingerprint response is compared to a post event response allows for a reliable decision on whether the transformer safely can be put back into service or if further diagnostics is required.