EFT/Burst Testing System: 5.5kV, 3 Phase AC, 100A

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The EFT/Burst Testing Bundle includes the EM Test NX5 Multifunctional Test Generator and the Teseq CDN 163 EFT / Burst Coupling Network, which together form a complete 3-phase test solution for achieving IEC 61000-4-4, MIL-461G CS116, or DO-160 Section 22 compliance. This bundle is designed for generating EFT (electrical fast transient) and burst waveform pulses up to 1kVDC and 100A to assess the conducted susceptibility of electrical devices.

EM Test NX5

EM Test NX5 transient immunity generatoR, 5.5 kV

View the EM Test NX5
  • 5.5kV burst testing (IEC 61000-4-4)
  • Small transient generator with 7" color touch screen
  • Simple START/STOP keys with LED operation
  • Gives feedback on peak voltage/current
  • Front panel operation, setup pictures, remote control via opto-link/ethernet

Teseq CDN 163

Teseq CDN 163 EFT/Burst coupling network

View the Teseq CDN 163
  • 3-phase coupling network
  • For AC and DC up to 100A per channel
  • Easy handling
  • Short-term overstress capability, secure and durable construction
  • Compatible with all types and brands of EFT/Burst generators