EM Test UCS 500N5.2 Ultra Compact Simulator

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Rent EM Test UCS 500N5.2 Ultra Compact Simulator
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EM Test UCS 500N5.2
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UCS 500N5.2 Datasheet
The EM Test UCS 500N5.2 Ultra Compact Simulator is the most versatile tester to cover transient and power fail requirements according to international standards (basic and generic standards) and product/product family standards. The UCS 500N5.2 is the most economic solution for tests during development as well as for full-compliant immunity tests and CE Marking for single phase DUT with the ability to be extended for testing three-phase DUTs by means of an automatically controlled external coupling network up to 100A. EM TEST supplies a large range of accessories for the various applications such as magnetic field tests.
EM Test UCS 500N5.2 Features
  • Burst module (IEC/EN 61000-4-4) up to 5.5kV
  • Surge module (IEC/EN 61000-4-5) up to 5kV
  • PowerFail module (IEC/EN 61000-4-11)
  • Magnetic field tests with optional accessories
  • Built-in single phase coupler 300V/16A
  • Manual operation from front panel
  • USB and GPIB-Bus for remote control