Espec OVTT 18 HALT/HASS Reliability Testing System

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The Espec OVTT 18 HALT/HASS Reliability Testing System is a stand-alone, compact, repetitive-shock vibration system that features Qualmark six-degree-of-freedom vibration technology. The system's workspace measures at 21.7”w x 21.7”d x 8.6”h and its outer dimensions measure at 29.4”w x 34.8”d x 21.9”h for the base and 28.2”w x 9.1”d x 8.3”h for the console. Espec OVTT 18 HALT/HASS systems are ideal for quick evaluation of field returns, repair verification and random vibration testing of multiple small products and can be configured for placement inside a thermal chamber for combined stress tests. The Espec OVTT 18 is operated by means of a PanelView electronic console with a PLC controller, and offers an xLF2 vibration table with PSD management.