Espec Typhoon 3.0 HALT Chamber

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The Espec Typhoon 3.0 HALT Chamber is the most popular chamber in the AST industry and is specifically designed to help the customer who is performing low volume HASS and needs a chamber with a 36” x 36” vibration table. It is also ideal for performing HALT on mid-sized and larger products. Like our Typhoon 4.0, the Typhoon 3.0 HALT Chamber vibration table mounts at two different heights, so the interior chamber volume can be adjusted for the needs of the product. The Omni-Axial six-degree-of-freedom, random, broadband excitation (10 Hz to above 5,000Hz) delivers a consistent power spectral density profile that eliminates "picket fencing." The thermal system features vacuum-jacketed liquid nitrogen cooling and nichrome wire heating, resulting in ramp rates of 60-100˚C per minute.

The Espec Typhoon 3.0 is part of the Espec Qualmark Typhoon Series.