Espec Typhoon 2.5+ Inferno HALT Chamber

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The Espec Typhoon 2.5+ Inferno HALT Chamber has been specifically designed for accelerated testing of sophisticated devices that are destined for harsh operating environments. Espec Typhoon 2.5+ Inferno HALT Chambers combine extreme thermal capability (-100˚C to +250ºC) with 6 degree of freedom random vibration to provide the stimulation necessary to analyze design weaknesses and extend operational margins for mechanisms expected to withstand severe physical hardships. The Omni-Axial six-degree-of-freedom, random, broadband excitation (10 Hz to above 5,000Hz) delivers a consistent power spectral density profile that eliminates "picket fencing." The thermal system features vacuum-jacketed liquid nitrogen cooling and nichrome wire heating, resulting in ramp rates of 60-100˚C per minute.

The Espec Typhoon 2.5+ Inferno is part of the Espec Qualmark Typhoon Series.